15 Awesome DIY Side Table Ideas (2024)

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Geometric copper side table

Spray painted upside down trash can side table

Wire basket and table top

Upside down flower pot and tray table

Diy pallet coffee table

Rustic square bedside table from recycled wood

Diy copper tubing table

Diy rustic log slice table

Upcycled wooden door to side table

Industrial side table

Vinyl strip martini table

Diy step up side table

Diy vintage record side table

Simple wooden side table

Diy wire side table

15 Awesome DIY Side Table Ideas

When it comes to DIY furniture, we often find ourselves hesitating. Sure, we’re crafty, but we’re not necessarily super experience in things like wood working, welding, or other very handy skills that you’d think of something like furniture building as requiring. Even so, we’re still usually tempted to look into making out own furniture pieces because we’re resourceful DIY enthusiasts and we don’t often back down from a challenge. That’s why we’re glad there are so many helpful tutorials outlining so many incredibly creative small furniture pieces on the Internet! So, what’s the piece we’ve been looking forward to challenging ourselves with lately, you ask? Well, we could really use a new side table and perhaps a new bedside table stand, and we’re convinced that we can make them ourselves!

Just in case you’re as intent on learning how to make your own furniture as we are, here are 15 of the coolest side table tutorials and ideas we’ve come across in our search so far.

1.DIY wire side table

15 Awesome DIY Side Table Ideas (16)

Have you ever had a folding and unfolding wire shelf or laundry rack in your house and, as you were setting it up or putting it away, have you ever looked at how it folds and thought about how many other shapes and things it could be made into? Maybe it’s just us with the wandering minds, but we’ve actually had those thoughts often, so imagine how excited we were when we came across this awesome folding wire rack table fromLowes! Their tutorial shows you how to make a dual standing base from folded and zip tied wire racks, as well as how to add a smooth plastic top so you can set things on the table without them tipping or falling through.

2.Simple wooden side table

15 Awesome DIY Side Table Ideas (17)

Perhaps you actuallydo have a little bit of experience basic handy work and maybe even wood work so you’re not totally opposed to the idea of making your own wooden side table from scratch, but you’d also still like to keep it basic just to make sure it’s actually a feasible project for you? In that case, wedefinitely think you should take a look at this awesome wooden side table fromNot Just a Housewife! Their tutorial is step by step and simple so you’ll have a simple enough time following along, but once you’ve got a cheerful coat of paint on there too, you’ll feelvery accomplished indeed.

3.DIY vintage record side table

15 Awesome DIY Side Table Ideas (18)

If you’re going to make your own custom furniture pieces, would you rather make something awesome and personalized to reflect the things you love, right there in your living space? Well, if you’re a music lover and a fan of creative vintage aesthetics, then we have a feeling we’ve foundjust the project for you! Check out howThe Flourishing Abodeused a wire plant stand and an old record to create a beautiful, old fashioned looking side table that will instantly amp up the style in the whole space. It’s even flat and sturdy enough to set your coffee on!

4.DIY step-up side table

15 Awesome DIY Side Table Ideas (19)

Does your current home decor for the room you need a table in actually reflect a more modernized, sort of geometrically influenced aesthetic rather than a homemade DIY or vintage one? Well, just because your central goal isn’t actually to make a piece thatlooks explicitly DIY doesn’t mean you can’t still make a custom piece yourself! For a mod space, we quite enjoy the look of this step-up style side table with multiple shelves at different heights. We even love the idea of painting it a really bright colour so it pops out from the rest of the decor like a statement piece! See how this one was made in more detail onAna White.

5.Vinyl strip martini table

15 Awesome DIY Side Table Ideas (20)

Have you ever looked at a table that you already have and thought about how, even though you don’t mind the basic shape of the piece, you just can’t help but think that the whole thing would be much more interesting if you got a little creative and added some more umph to the design? Well,Matsutake Blog must be on your same wavelength, because that’sexactly what they did here! Check out how they turned this plain circular, single stand side table into an awesomely wrapped looking martini glass inspired piece by attaching strips of vinyl at each end to the tabletop and base and then cinching them tight in the middle.

6.Industrial side table

15 Awesome DIY Side Table Ideas (21)

Did wesort of hit the metallic mark you were looking for originally when we started talking about tables made of wire racks, but that design actually still wasn’tquite industrial chic enough for what you had in mind? In that case, we have a feeling you might prefer this metal bracket table frame with a wooden board top! We love the way it creates a stylishly modern look that’s a little more stripped down than some of the other crafty, ornate looking designs you’ll find online, but without taking away from anything else in the room or making the place look too cold. See how the whole thing is made step by step onLowes.

7.Upcycled wooden door to side table

15 Awesome DIY Side Table Ideas (22)

Were you intrigued when we talked about simple wood working because you actuallydo have a few basic handy skills in that regard, but if you’re going to go to the effort of making your own project out of wood, would you rather it be upcycled from something else? Personally, we’ll take just about any chance to repurpose old things rather than just throwing them out. That’s part of the reason we thought this wooden cubby side table with leaning support legs was such a cool idea!Kim Werkershows you how to cut and affix the recycled pieces in surprisingly few simple steps. Weadore their idea of painting their table’s support legs a bright contrast colour to the rest of the room!

8.DIY rustic log slice table

15 Awesome DIY Side Table Ideas (23)

Have you spend quite a bit of time and effort building the space you need a table in to reflect a rather rustic chic aesthetic and style so, no matter what table design you eventually choose, youreally want to make sure it upholds that same style? Well, we know that there are several different ways to do rustic, but one of our favourite styles is to include natural elements from the outside world right there in the middle of the room. That’s why we liked this log slice table idea featured onSeakettleso much! They show you how to sand your section of log level so things will sit well on the table, and they also guide you through the process of attaching stool legs repurposed from an Ikea piece.

9.DIY copper tubing table

15 Awesome DIY Side Table Ideas (24)

Just in case your mind is still on the idea of industrial chic things but you’re just not sure either of the metal ideas we’ve shown you so far is quite up your alley because they’re both silver, here’s an alternative that we think isvery mod and cool!Design Spongewalks you step by step through the process of making yourself a simple wooden table painted with a half neon pattern, which is pretty cool in itself, but then also shows you how to make metal table legs from copper piping. We love that it somehow manages to look somewhere between worn, shiny and new, and fashionably chic, all at once!

10.Rustic square bedside table from recycled wood

15 Awesome DIY Side Table Ideas (25)

Are you finding as you scroll that your mind is still wandering to the upcycled wood ideas we’ve shown you before, but neither isquite what you’re looking for stylistically? Well, it wouldn’t be difficult to make a few design changes to either piece, but we totally understand wanting a more specific tutorial that you can just follow from start to finish for clear guidance. That’s why we were glad to find this simple, upcycled natural wood table idea fromRemodelaholic! It’s got the basic shape of the first table we showed you but it’s made with recycled wood like the second, making it the perfect, slightly rustic looking compromise.

11.DIY pallet table

15 Awesome DIY Side Table Ideas (26)

We know we’ve already talked quite a bit about upcycled old wood to make tables, but what if the wood you have access to actually already has quite a bit of structure to it that you can’ help feeling would be useful to use as a base? Well, then you’re probably in possession of some wooden palettes and we’re here to tell you that, yes, those are an awesome tool for making your own table! This particular tutorial fromLove Stitchedis actually more of a coffee table size than a side table, but their basic steps are still very helpful to see and adjusting things to accommodate a smaller size of pallet of a side table sized finished product won’t be difficult.

12.Upside down flower pot and tray table

15 Awesome DIY Side Table Ideas (27)

Perhaps it’s not actually theinside of your house that you’ve been planning on adding DIY furniture to, and the place that could really use a side table is actually your back porch seating area? Well, spring is fast approaching, so we can’t blame you for wanting to start your DIY process now! That way your table will be ready by the time the weather is warm enough to sit outside and use it. If you’re looking for simple, crafty, and clearly awesomely upcycled ideas, here’s an upside down planter and tray concept fromThrifty and Chicthat we really enjoy. Paint them and add some thin rope or jute string to give it a cute outdoorsy feel.

13.Wire basket and table top

15 Awesome DIY Side Table Ideas (28)

By this point, we’ve talked a number of times about designs that use bits and pieces of other household items or furniture, so it’ll come as no surprise that we’ve found another resourceful idea in that same vein for your consideration! Check out howApartment Therapyused a copper wire waste paper basket flipped upside down as a table base for a rounded table top. We love this design that leaves the copper metal exposed, but you could also paint all kinds of combinations for your basket base and round top!

14.Spray painted upside down trash can side table

15 Awesome DIY Side Table Ideas (29)

Do youvery much enjoy the idea of making a simple side table out of an upside down waste paper basket, but you’re just not sure that you need a bigger table top than the one the bottom of the basket provides you already? Well, no one says youhave to make any more adjustments at all than the basic maneuver of flipping the basket!The Crafting Chicksis right on the same wavelength as you and they kept it simple, but we love the idea of painting it all kinds of different colours! Try coordinating it with your bedding or other decorative or furniture pieces in your room.

15.Geometric copper side table

15 Awesome DIY Side Table Ideas (30)

Okay, we know we’ve already talked a number of times about copper wire and piping as part of a DIY side table design, but we’re just so obsessed with the look that we’ve got yet another copper design idea for you! Check out the wayHome Depotharnessed that same concept of making a base and attaching a table top, but this time by tightly stringing copper pipes all together in geometric shapes, almost like a piece of modern art.

Have you made another kind of awesome DIY side table that you loved creating and still proudly display in your home but you don’t see anything similar to your design on our list? Tell us all about how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section.

15 Awesome DIY Side Table Ideas (2024)


15 Awesome DIY Side Table Ideas? ›

A floating shelf is also a great side table alternative if you don't want unnecessary table top space. You can hang your shelf from the ceiling or may instead simply mount it onto the wall at your desired level. For extra storage space, you may install multiple floating shelves.

What can I use instead of a side table? ›

A floating shelf is also a great side table alternative if you don't want unnecessary table top space. You can hang your shelf from the ceiling or may instead simply mount it onto the wall at your desired level. For extra storage space, you may install multiple floating shelves.

What makes a good side table? ›

It should be proportionate to the surrounding furniture and should not take up too much space in the room. Material: Side tables can be made of a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, glass, or marble. Consider the style of the room and choose a material that complements it.


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