Who Would Win in a Fight Between an Eagle and a Snake? (2024)

Eagles are predatory birds that stalk the skies of the Americas, Asia, Europe, and more. They’re great at identifying and attacking their foes quickly and without remorse. If you take a close look at the Mexican flag, which features an eagle killing a snake, it might seem like an eagle vs snake fight has already been decided. Is that the case, though? We’ll take a look at how these animals measure up to one another and who survives a confrontation!

Comparing an Eagle and a Snake

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Weight: 1.1lbs – 15lbsHeight: 15.7in – 39inWingspan: 27in – 98in
Weight: 5lbs – 20lbs average (much greater exists)Length: 36in on average (much greater exists)

Speed and Movement Type
Up to150-200 mph(while diving)
– 1-3 Mph on average, faster species, like the sidewinder, move up to 15 mph.–Undulating body motions on the groundis the primary form of locomotion.

– Large, curved beak– 4 long, sharp talons on each foot
–Fangs, some with small grooves that may inject venom.– Bite power is irrelevant, snakes kill by venom or crushing in most cases.

– Amazing sense of sight that allows it to see between four and eight times farther than a human.– Human-like hearing– Poor sense of smell
– Some snakes can sense heat with specialized “pits.”– Flicking tongue aids with their good sense of smell– Most snakes have poor vision– Can only hear low frequencies

– High speed to escape trouble– Senses of sight helps avoid damage
– Bright colors and sounds can ward off predators– Can hide in small spaces to make up for a lack of speed.

Offensive Capabilities
– Heavy, sharp beak can rip into enemy– Talons allow eagles to grip and tear flesh– Speed allows for surprise attacks
– Venom– Constriction

Predatory Behavior
– Eagles catch their prey and crush it with talons while tearing into it.– They are ambush predators that go into a steep, fast dive before landing a kill.
– Sometimes ambush predators but also pursuit predators– Opportunistic predator

The Key Factors in a Fight Between an Eagle and a Snake

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How do we know whether the slithery reptiles or the soaring eagle wins a bout against the other? They’re incredibly different creatures, after all. The best way to evaluate this fight is to consider key factors that would affect the outcome. To that end, we’re going to explore the way that eagles and snakes fight along with the physical attributes that give them the edge over the other.

After compiling that information, we’ll know enough to say with some certainty which creature survives this fight.

Physical Features of an Eagle and a Snake

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Snakes and eagles have several morphological differences, so it’s important to find areas that we can compare. We have come up with five dimensions of the animals’ bodies to explore that will give us insight into which one is better suited to survive the fight. See which animal has the advantage in various situations!

Eagle vs Snake: SizeEagles are large birds of prey, and they can stand over 3ft tall with a wingspan that exceeds 7ft. In fact, the largest eagle in the world by wingspan measures 8.5ft across! They often weigh as much as 10-15lbs. Snakes vary quite a bit, but they average about 3ft long and anywhere between 5lbs and 20lbs for weight. The largest snakes in the world can weigh more than 500lbs, but the vast majority of snakes are under 20lbs.

We’re going to award snakes the size advantage.

Eagle vs Snake: Speed and MovementEagles can fly about 20mph regularly, but they can dive from the sky at a blazing 200mph. Snakes move around 3mph if they’re lucky, with sidewinders moving up to 15mph.

Eagles have a distinct speed advantage.

Eagle vs Snake: WeaponsEagles are known for having incredibly sharp, powerful beaks along with 4 long, sharp talons on each foot. They can tear an enemy apart with little trouble. Snakes have multiple ways of killing their foes, too. Some snakes will constrict their enemies and others will envenomate them and wait for them to die.

Snakes have a lot of versatility that makes them more dangerous in a direct comparison.

Eagle vs Snake: SensesEagles have an incredible sense of vision that makes it possible for them to find prey from miles away. Moreover, they have a decent sense of hearing that lets them detect sound at a level similar to a human.

Snakes’ senses are rather acute, too. They have special “pits” that help them detect heat and they can flick their tongue to “smell” the air around them. Finding prey is easy for many snakes as long as they can ambush and kill it.

Eagles and snakes both have unique senses that don’t overlap, so we’re going to call this a tie.

Eagle vs Snake: Physical DefensesEagles rely on their senses to detect trouble before it starts and then use their great flight speed to get them away from enemies. Snakes can rely on their size, threat displays, and camouflage to keep them safe. Also, smaller snakes can hide in very narrow areas that predators cannot get into.

Snakes have more variety in their defenses, so they get the advantage in this situation.

Combat Skills of an Eagle and a Snake

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Snakes use two methods to fight. They will either envenomate their prey and wait for it to die, or they will constrict their prey and crush it until it dies. These are very effective methods when their ambush works.

Eagles have simple ways of killing their foes, too. They will crash into prey at high speeds. Then, they will dig their talons into their prey to crush them or pierce vital organs. If the creature is still alive, they will often use their beaks to finish them off, or they can fly into the air and drop the animal.

Both predators are effective, so we’ll leave this section as a tie.

What Are Key Differences Between an Eagle and a Snake?

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Eagles are birds and snakes are reptiles; eagles fly and snakes slither on the ground. Some snakes can be larger than eagles, but they’re close in size and weight on average. Eagles are much faster than thefastest snakes. Eagles are ambush predators while snakes can be ambush predators or opportunistic predators.

Also, eagles are warm-blooded and snakes are cold-blooded. Although eagles will often migrate to find food, many snakes willhibernateto survive the cold seasons. Eagles will directly kill their foes, but snakes have to take their time with venom or constriction. These differences show how dissimilar these creatures are from each other.

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An eagle would win a fight against a snake. That’s not true of every eagle and every snake. For example, a golden eagle is not going to kill a reticulated python or ananaconda. However, eagles are very good at killing average snakes, even the deadliest ones.

In fact, the brown snake eagle is named for its propensity to target the brown snake,boomslangs, and other deadly venomous snakes. The reason is that the snakes swoop down with such speed and from outside the snake’s sensory area so that they are unable to react. Snakes don’t have many ways to survey the skies.

Certainly, some snakes could land a bite or coil around an eagle. However, the eagle would still do immense damage to the snake, possibly killing it, before it dies. Most often, this fight plays out with the eagle swooping in, ripping into the snake’s organs with its talons, and then tearing it apart to swallow easier.

All in all, the eagle has too many advantages over the snake in terms of combat prowess to lose this fight.

Who Would Win in a Fight Between an Eagle and a Snake? (2024)


Who Would Win in a Fight Between an Eagle and a Snake? ›

An eagle would win a fight against a snake. That's not true of every eagle and every snake. For example, a golden eagle is not going to kill a reticulated python or an anaconda. However, eagles are very good at killing average snakes, even the deadliest ones.

Who wins snake or eagle? ›

A bald eagle would win a fight against a king cobra. Bald eagles are used to killing snakes. While the king cobra is too large for the bald eagle to snatch up in its talons and fly away with, it can still land a devastating, oft-fatal attack from the air before the king cobra can respond.

Why eagles are not afraid of snakes? ›

Why eagles are not afraid of snakes? Eagles are not afraid of snakes because they are apex predators. This means that they are at the top of the food chain and have no natural predators. Eagles are also very large and powerful birds, and their sharp talons and beaks can easily kill a snake.

Do snakes hunt eagles? ›

They would not eat an eagle, though, because they wouldn't be able to catch one. Eagles are apex predators, at the top of the food chain. They have no natural predators except man. A snake may scavenge a dead eagle, but is unlikely to hunt a living one.

What can beat a snake in a fight? ›

The mongoose is known for its ability to fight and kill venomous snakes, especially cobras. Their specialised acetylcholine receptors render them immune to venom. A mongoose and snake fights stops traffic in this video.

What is eagle defeated by? ›

Eagle getting defeated by Takamura. In the eighth round, Eagle and Takamura commence another exchange match in the centre of the ring. Eagle's cut began to bleed once again from Takamura's attacks.

What animal is snake afraid of? ›

It is hard to believe but snakes have many enemies. Large birds, wild boars, mongooses, raccoons, foxes, coyotes and even other snakes are a few of the dangers snakes fall prey to. Many people find it surprising that the largest and the scariest snakes can be afraid of anything, but it is true.

Who are snakes afraid of? ›

Foxes and raccoons are common predators of snakes. Guinea hens, turkeys, pigs, and cats will also help keep snakes away. If foxes are indigenous to your area, fox urine is a very good natural repellent for snakes when spread around your property.

What is eagle afraid of? ›

What are Eagles afraid of? Eagles fear humans and large predatory mammals like wolves and bears, although they are generally fearless around other birds. Healthy Adult Eagles have few predators, although old, sick, or injured individuals are vulnerable to many predators.

What eats a bald eagle? ›

THREATS and TERRITORIAL FIGHTS. Threats: The Bald Eagle has no natural predators. Their biggest enemy is humans. Causes of Bald Eagle mortality include collisions with cars and power lines, electrocution, gunshot wounds and poisoning.

Can an eagle eat a black mamba? ›

Adult mambas have few natural predators aside from birds of prey. Brown snake eagles are verified predators of adult black mambas, of up to at least 2.7 m (8 ft 10 in).

Who would win a fight between a lion and an eagle? ›

A lion would win a fight against the largest eagle.

Attacking a creature that was not an apex predator is one matter, and attacking a lion is another. There is no doubt that the eagle would land the first strike when attacking from the air.

What does it mean when you see an eagle over a snake? ›

The image has been an important symbol of Mexican politics and culture for centuries. To the people of Tenochtitlan, this symbol had strong religious connotations, and to the Europeans, it came to symbolize the triumph of good over evil (with the snake sometimes representative of the serpent in the Garden of Eden).

Do snakes defend themselves? ›

Hissing-some snakes use hissing is used to intimidate predators. Biting-even non-venomous snakes will bite to ward off predators. Venom-some snakes have poisonous saliva called venom that helps them capture and kill prey and it helps them digest the prey.

What do eagles do with snakes? ›

This snake-eating eagle will decapitate its prey - dead snakes - before bringing them to the nest! The Brown Snake-Eagle is the largest of all the snake-eagles.

What animal kills Copperheads? ›

Owls and hawks are the copperhead's main predators. Opossums, raccoons and other snakes may also prey on copperheads.

What is the best enemy of snake? ›

Birds Of Prey

Raptors are one of the biggest predators of snakes and some even specialize in catching these slithering serpents. Hawks, eagles, and owls are all common predators of snakes, each with their own unique way of catching their prey.

What is snake's biggest enemy? ›

Actually, a whole bunch of different animal species kill snakes, including a ton of birds - owls, hawks, falcons, herons, etc. And many, many snake species eat only other snakes. So mostly, birds and other snakes are the most common predators of snakes.

What animal is stronger than an eagle? ›

The red-tailed hawk is one of the strongest birds on Earth. Nicknamed “red-tail,” the red-tailed hawk is a large bird of prey found throughout North and South America. It's one of the largest hawks on Earth! Red-tailed hawks weigh up to 3.5 lbs with a wingspan of up to 4.5 feet.

What is the weakness of eagle? ›

They cannot hold their head up; their vision is limited; their legs are too weak to hold their weight. Bald eagles are altricial, which means they must rely 100 percent on their parents to protect them and care for them.

Could a man beat an eagle in a fight? ›

An unarmed human would beat a bald eagle in a fight.

The eagle would probably dive-bomb the human, seeking to attack the person's vulnerable head and neck. If the eagle manages to score a direct hit with its sharp talons on one of the major arteries or veins in the neck, the human could die.

What pet keeps snakes away? ›

Common snake predators include cats, raccoons, pigs, turkeys, guinea hens, and foxes. Keeping any of these animals around your home will help deter snakes from coming near.

What smells do snakes hate? ›

What Smell Do Snakes Hate? Strong and disrupting smells like sulfur, vinegar, cinnamon, smoke and spice, and foul, bitter, and ammonia-like scents are usually the most common and effective smells against snakes since they have a strong negative reaction to them.

What is a king cobra scared of? ›

2. King Cobras Fear the Mongoose. Mongooses are noted for their audacious attacks on highly venomous snakes, such as king cobras. The mongoose preys on the king cobra, and they do so very successfully.

Are snakes afraid of dogs? ›

Will snakes stay away from dogs? Snakes don't like to get in the way of dogs, the reason being that dogs are louder, bigger, and more annoying than a good snack. If your dog is present in an area, the chances are high that snakes will stay away.

Why are horses afraid of snakes? ›

Some horses might be curious of the snake, others would rather run. It depends on the horse, of course, but many horses are scared of snakes because they aren't used to seeing them and they tend to come out of dark places and can make sudden movements.

Does fire scare snakes? ›

As snakes and other reptiles depend on the environment to regulate their body temperature, extreme heat and cold can drive them away. That includes fire.

Which bird can fight eagle? ›

Crows, along with other kinds of smaller birds such as Red-winged Blackbirds, Common Grackles and kingbirds, will not hesitate to defend their nests against eagles, hawks, vultures and Great Blue Herons if duty calls, especially during the nesting season, says Kaufman.

What are eagles favorite prey? ›

Bald eagles are opportunistic foragers but prefer fish as their primary food and are found in great densities where fish are abundant. They also eat sea birds and ducks or hunt over grasslands and marshes for small mammals such as rabbits, squirrels, prairie dogs and muskrats.

What is the biggest threat to eagles? ›

Illegal shooting and lead poisoning are among the primary threats to bald eagles. Habitat loss, power line electrocution and wind energy also play a role in eagle deaths.

What animal has no predators? ›

Animals with no natural predators are called apex predators, because they sit at the top (or apex) of the food chain. The list is indefinite, but it includes lions, grizzly bears, crocodiles, giant constrictor snakes, wolves, sharks, electric eels, giant jellyfish, killer whales, polar bears, and arguably, humans.

Would a bald eagle eat a snake? ›

Besides live fish, bald eagles also prey on other birds, small mammals, snakes, turtles, and crabs, and they readily eat carrion.

How far can eagles hear? ›

Researchers found that eagles can hear over a frequency range of at least four octaves, centered on 2 kHz, which is roughly a “B” note on a piano, three octaves above middle C, with an upper limit between 6 kHz and 10 kHz at 80 decibels, and a lower limit that likely extends below 0.2 kHz.

What is the black mambas biggest enemy? ›

Their main threats are from people, who fear the snakes and their aggressive reputation. While black mambas are often killed out of fear by the people who live near them, their main predators are mongooses, honey badgers, birds such as brown snake eagles, secretary birds, and black-headed herons.

What animal is immune to the black mamba? ›

“Mongooses are one of at least four known mammalian taxa with mutations in the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor that protect against snake venom . Their modified receptors prevent the snake venom α-neurotoxin from binding.

Can an eagle beat a gorilla? ›

Even though birds are typically more agile, gorillas can still control their surroundings. However, if the eagle uses surprise attacks like swooping down or striking with its sharp talons, it could defeat the gorilla.

Who is the best enemy of lion? ›

“What eats me”

Lions have few predators to fear other than humans. A very young or sickly lion might fall prey to hyenas. Cubs may be attacked and eaten by adult male lions. Lions are most threatened by humans who hunt them and encroach on their habitat.

Can an eagle beat a wolf? ›

Eagles pose little risk to healthy adult wolves but they could easily grab unguarded, young pups with their powerful feet and talons.

What does a snake mean to god? ›

It can represent death, destruction, evil, a penetrating legless essence, and/or poison. In the Christian tradition, Satan (in the guise of the serpent) instigated the fall by tricking Eve into breaking God's command. Thus the serpent can represent temptation, the devil, and deceit.

What flag has an eagle holding a snake? ›

Anyone who has seen the flag of Mexico is probably familiar with the Mexican coat of arms. It's the picture of an eagle holding a snake. However, the Mexican coat of arms is more than just decoration for their flag. The Mexican coat of arms is a long-standing symbol of the country's culture, legends, and politics.

Which god do snakes represent? ›

Asclepius is one of the lesser-known gods of Greek mythology, but he still had a vitally important role to play. As the Greek god of medicine, his extraordinary gift for healing meant he could save the lives of many, and even bring the dead back to life.

Do any snakes chase you? ›

This is, of course, a false story. There are no North American snakes that guard territory or who will chase human beings. While this snake is the fastest snake in North America (it can move at an impressive 8 mph) it can certainly not outrun a man, who can run about 14 mph on the average when not frightened.

Who preys on snakes? ›

Do snakes feel pain? ›

Because of their slow metabolisms, snakes remain conscious and able to feel pain and fear long after they are decapitated. If they aren't beheaded or nailed to a tree, they are bludgeoned and beaten.

Do eagles eat Copperheads? ›

Answer and Explanation: Yes, bald eagles are known for eating snakes. Though it is not their primary source of food, they are able to catch and eat one.

Do eagles go after snakes? ›

Do Eagles Eat Snakes? Most eagles will feed on small mammals and reptiles such as rodents, lizards, and snakes, and as mentioned above, it is quite common for eagles to attack snakes.

Can Lions eat eagles? ›

While a lion is very strong, it would have a difficult time catching and eating a fast flying, powerful eagle. The eagle would use its beak and talons for protection, causing damage to the lion. So, while it is possible that a lion would eat an eagle, it is not very likely.

What symbol is an eagle killing a snake? ›

The coat of arms of Mexico (Spanish: Escudo Nacional de México, literally "national shield of Mexico") is a national symbol of Mexico and depicts a Mexican (golden) eagle perched on a prickly pear cactus devouring a rattlesnake.

What does the eagle vs snake mean? ›

Eagle and snake fighting symbolize two sides of a conflict. Both animals are strong and ruthless, but most often the eagle is seen as the noble side and as a contrast to the snake, which is often represented as bad. Most often in this battle, the eagle, that is, the good side wins.

Who wins eagle or tiger? ›

The tiger is the deadliest of the two. While it's possible for an eagle to knock down a full-grown man, it can not inflict any injuries that could be considered fatal or deadly. The tiger, on the contrary, is known to be a killer.

What eagle eats snakes? ›

description. The serpent eagles, or snake eagles, Spilornis (six species, subfamily Circaetinae), eat mostly snakes, including large poisonous ones. They occur in Asia.

What does an eagle holding a snake in its beak mean? ›

The legend says that the Aztecs left their home to look for a place to start a new life. Their god had told them to find a lake where an eagle with a snake in its beak would stand on a nopal cactus growing from a rock. That would be the place to build their new city.

Why is there an eagle eating a snake on the Mexican flag? ›

The symbolism behind the Mexican flag eagle

It goes back to an Aztec legend that foretold the founding of Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec Empire. In ancient times, the gods told the Aztecs that they would find the perfect place to build their city when they saw an eagle on a cactus, eating a serpent.

What bird stops on snakes? ›

Secretarybirds specialise in stomping their prey until it is killed or immobilised. This method of hunting is commonly applied to lizards or snakes.

What bird keeps snakes away? ›

A flock of guineas will disrupt the snake's habitat and deter them from coming around. Snakes like it calm and quiet.

What animal kills the most snakes? ›

Summary Of The 10 Animals That Prey On Snakes
RankAnimal Name
4Snake Eagle
6 more rows
Apr 18, 2023

What does the eagle mean to God? ›

In Exodus 19:4 and Deuteronomy 32:11 the eagle represents God and his loving care towards Israel. In both descriptions we read about God bringing his people out of Egypt and into Canaan as if on the wings of an eagle.

Are eagles immune to snake venom? ›

Snake eagles typically attack their prey from a perch, hitting it with considerable force and using their sharp talons to inflict damage. Yet the eagles are not immune to snake venom and rely on their speed and power to avoid bites.

Who wins pitbull or lion? ›

The mountain lion is the winner!

If the pit bull can bite the mountain lion, it'll deliver a lot of damage using a shake-and-hold technique. However, the bite of a pitbull pales in comparison to the fatal bite of a mountain lion.

Can an eagle defeat a lion? ›

A lion would win a fight against the largest eagle.

Attacking a creature that was not an apex predator is one matter, and attacking a lion is another. There is no doubt that the eagle would land the first strike when attacking from the air.


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